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On the iDevice

Your iPod, iPad or iPhone stores iThmb photo image collections in several specific folders.

Format of the iDevice photo collection

Each iThmb collection file contains:

  • The various images of the same size (height and width).
  • The index file storing the additional image data and serving for accessing the images.

For each newly created iThmb collection the index in the end of a filename is increased, i.e. F1067_2.ithmb is created after F1067_1.ithmb. This helps you to locate the specific collection.

Locating the photo collection folder

There are several types of image folders on your iDevice:

  • Images are stored in Photos, PhotoData and can be located in mobile/Media/ or iPod_Control directory of your iPod, iPad or iPhone. iThmb files are stored in the Thumbs or Thumbnails subfolder of this directory.
  • Music album covers are stored in the mobile/Media/iTunes_Control/Artwork or iPod_Control/Artwork directory of your iPod, iPad, or iPhone.

Do not worry if you are unable to locate the photo collection folder on your iDevice. iThmb Converter finds it automatically. Choose Find iThmb cache folder from the File menu and select the connected iDevice in the list of drives to be scanned. Read here for more information.

Viewing the iThmb files

1. The left panel of iThmb Converter main window serves as a folder browser. Connect your iDevice and open it in the left panel:

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2. If the Thumbs, Thumbnails or Artwork folder of iDevice is opened in the left panel, the list of iThmb photo image collections can be seen in the center panel:

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3. If you select iThmb collection, the list of images stored in it is displayed in the right panel:

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4. Note that you can view the additional file information or image metadata extracted from the index file in the status bar. It includes:

  • the size of image (height X width)
  • the original image file name
  • database rating
  • date of creation and modification
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Read Customizing the view of iThmb files to know more on the various options of viewing iThmb files and auto cropping the black sides.

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