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In case of error

When an error occurs, iThmb Converter displays the following message:

Screenshot will be added later

This is a signal that iThmb Converter couldn't decode the iThmb file correctly or file is severely damaged. We recommend you to send the file to the developers (just click the button).

Note that however big the problem image is, only 3 MB of the data are sent for analysis and troubleshooting thus saving your time and traffic.

When several files are converted at a time (see Multiple image conversion) the list of errors and warnings is displayed at the end of conversion process along with the problem file names:

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Select the files to be sent for analysis and click the Send file to developers button. You may want to check if the image file contains private information before sending. In this case, double click the file name to view it in iThmb Converter.

In case of incorrect conversion

iThmb Converter provides you with an option of the manual selection of the conversion method using constructor mode. If this doesn't help, we recommend you to send the file to the developers through the File->Send file to developers menu.

Continuous improvement

The key concept of iThmb Converter is continuous improvement based on the end user feedback and comments. Feel free to contribute in making iThmb Converter even better and mail us at support@ithmbconverter.com. The support for the proposed features or discovered errors will be added as soon as possible.