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What is iThmb format

If you have an iPod, iPad or iPhone then most likely you are familiar with the *.iThmb extension. It is the native photo image format of the iOS, which is Apple's mobile operating system for these devices. All the photos on the iDevice are collectively stored in such files. Actually, an iThmb file does not contain a separate photo image as you would have expected but rather a bunch of them as well as the index file providing access to specific images in the collection. Besides that, the index file contains specific names, sizes, and dates of the image collection files.

When are iThmb files created?

Every time you connect your iPod, iPad, or iPhone to a PC or Mac and sync it with iTunes, iThmb files are generated automatically as per the maximum file size limitations. The copy of each newly created iThmb collection is then saved to your iOS device as well as to your PC or Mac. This replication of collection on your computer allows you to recover the images even if the data in iThmb file were corrupted or lost. iThmb Converter is a one-of-its-kind software that automatically finds the photo cache folder on PC or Mac and recovers the photo images even in the case the original iDevice is damaged or not available.

Why are iThmb files created?

The main purpose of iThmb collections is to optimize photo images for the specific screen size of the iDevice. This provides the fast photo database navigation and saves battery power thus increasing the efficiency of your iPod, iPad, or iPhone. At the same time, this specific photo collection format is not recognized by Windows OS, which makes viewing, copying, and sharing such files impossible on your PC or Windows-driven notebook. iThmb Converter comes in handy here providing a quick and elegant solution to the problem of converting and viewing your valuable photo collections.

IThmb files contain uncompressed graphic data, that is why an iThmb file can be significantly larger than the total size of all the original files.