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Viewing iThmb files

The view of iThmb files in iThmb Converter depends on the type of storage location: iDevice or local photo cache folder. The actual reason behind it is that there are two types of iThmb photo collections:

  • iPod, iPad or iPhone iThmb image collection
    Each iThmb file contains a variety of different photo images of the same size.
  • iThmb image collection in the local photo cache folder on your computer
    Each iThmb file contains versions of a single photo image of the different sizes.

Note that iThmb Converter displays the main window depending on the type of iThmb collection. While the left and center panel serve as browsers for the folders and files in both cases, the view of the right panel varies:

View ithmb file on PC
Screenshot will be added later

Read further about viewing iThmb files on the iDevice, in the iPod photo cache folder and viewing options.