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Welcome to iThmb Converter

Congratulations! You have downloaded iThmb Converter, which means that you have chosen the safest and easiest way to retrieve and store digital photos from your iPod, iPad, or iPhone! iThmb Converter provides the fastest and smartest solution for those who need to extract and convert the photo images from their iDevice into the common image formats. It is designed specifically to make the recognition, management, and viewing of the precious photo memories from the iDevice in your Windows PC or notebook more convenient, easy, and safe than ever before!

So, the ultimate conversion and recovery tool for the photos from your iPod, iPad, or iPhone is now at your hand. Let's see what it has in store for you. Of course, the most important feature of iThmb Converter is the conversion of iThmb photo image collections into general formats, such as JPG, PNG, etc. Apart from that, you will be surprised to know how much this useful software can do for you: automate the batch conversion, restore the damaged files, create reports for the experts dealing with file recovery, and even give you a try to adjust the image conversion manually!

The following sections provide a brief overview of iThmb Converter functionality:

  • What is iThmb Format?
    A brief introduction for those who are unfamiliar with the native iOS digital photo format.
  • What is the purpose of iThmb Converter?
    Key features and basic functionality of the application.
  • Useful features
    A short list of the most exciting and handy features of iThmb Converter. You will be surprised to know just how convenient iThmb Converter is and with such little effort!

In case you need a quick and immediate guidance for using the iThmb Converter, go to the Quick start section.

In order to achieve the maximum functionality and convenience while working with your iThmb Converter, carefully read the Using iThmb Converter section.

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