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What is the exact location of ITHMB files on your iPhone, iPod or iPad?

ITHMB and index file location, as well as their number and naming, can vary depending on whether you have iPod, iPhone or iPad, and what iOS version your device is running. In the early iOS versions, index file went under the name PhotoDatabase and was stored in the mobile/Media/Photos/ directory, while ITHMB files were to be found in the Thumbs subfolder. As for the recent versions, they provide mobile/Media/PhotoData/ directory for Photos.sqlite index file, and Thumbnails subfolder for the ITHMB files.

Note that ITHMB naming rules have changed, too: FXXXX_Y.ITHMB (such as F3008_1.ithmb, F1019_1.ithmb or F1067_1.ithmb) and YxZ.ithmb (such as 128x128.ithmb or 158x158.ithmb) for earlier and later versions respectively.

Each ITHMB file contains images of the same size. When the file has reached its maximum size, new ITHMB file is created. The succession is reflected in the file names, more specifically – in the second index. Thus, if the file named F1067_1.ithmb reaches its maxim size, the new file will get the name F1067_2.ithmb.

ITHMB files contain uncompressed graphic data, that’s why an ITHMB file can be significantly larger than the total size of all the original files.

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