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What is iPod Photo Cache folder on your PC or Mac?

When you sync your iPhone, iPod or iPad to your PC/Mac, iTunes creates iPod Photo Cache folder on the hard drive (or SSD, for that matter) of your computer. This folder contains Photo Database index file storing metadata, and F00-F50 subfolders for ITHMB files (named TXXX.ithmb). ITHMB files serve to store images optimized for the specific iOS device screen size and display mode.

While ITHMB files found on your iOS device and those on your computer may seem similar, there is a considerable difference. FXXXX_Y.ithmb file on your iOS device stores smaller copies of a large number of images in the same size. Each TXXX.ithmb file, on the other hand, contains a number of variously sized smaller copies of a single file. Thus, when you sync several images, the equal number of ITHMB files will be generated.

ITHMB files contain uncompressed graphic data, that`s why iPod Photo Cache folder can be significantly larger than the total size of all the original files.

iPod Photo Cache directory and ITHMB files allow iTunes to perform faster and smoother synchronization.

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