Useful features

iThmb Converter has some unique features providing support to meet your every need of converting and recovering iPod, iPad, or iPhone photo images:

Image data recognition

iThmb Converter automatically recognizes, extracts, and displays all the necessary image data including file names, creation dates and rating from the index file if it is available:

Image data preservation

iThmb Converter is one-of-its-kind software that provides the maximum preservation of all available image-specific data such as date, rating, category and so on. For preserving the data choose JPEG format while converting the iThmb collection. This feature is extremely handy for managing the vast photo collections and finding the specific images in recovered files:

Batch conversion

iThmb Converter provides you with an extremely convenient feature of batch conversion: instead of monotonously selecting and processing single iThmb files, you can complete the task in just one click! All you need to do is pick the target folder containing iThmb files and click the Convert all in the File menu. The software is not only efficient in saving your time but also carefully preserves the original folder structure and file names:

Black bar auto cropping

iThmb Converter helps you get rid of those annoying black bars on the sides of iThmb image files. The viewed or converted photos are cropped automatically:

User-driven development

iThmb Converter supports the large and continuously growing number of iThmb file formats. In case of conversion error or an incorrect result, you are automatically suggested to send this file to our development team and the next version of the program will support it as soon as possible:

Constructor mode

If an iThmb file cannot be viewed or converted correctly, you can try to open it manually using the Construction mode. Here, you can pick the best variant of image conversion: