Customizing the view of iThmb files

iThmb Converter provides various options of viewing iThmb files according to your demands and preferences.

General View menu options

These are the options referring to all types of collections. All of them are located in the View menu:

Ithmb view options
  • Viewing iThmb files folder
    Icons, List, Detailed and Thumbnails specify the look of iThmb files displayed in the current folder. These flags only affect the view of the center panel:
  • Ithmb view options
  • Navigating the images
    You can navigate the images in collection displayed in the right panel with the help of keyboard arrows, mouse and Previous/Next image menu option.

Auto crop

Set Auto crop checked in order to allow iThmb Converter to remove the additional dark or empty space around the displayed images. Note that the dimension of the resulting images as displayed in the status bar can vary slightly after this operation. This doesn't affect the dimensions of the original images in your iDevice iThmb collection. All of them still have the same size.

Default ithmb file Cropped ithmb file

View menu options for the photo cache folder

These menu options are activated while viewing iPod photo cache folder. They are not accessible for iThmb collections stored on iDevice.

  • Set Normal to display the images in their original height and width.
  • Set Fit to size to make all the images fit the image viewer (or lower part of the right panel of iThmb Converter).
  • Set Fit to size big only to set fitting option only for the images that are larger in size than the image viewer panel.