Using the constructor mode

Normally, iThmb photo image collection contains a database index file for accessing specific iThmb files (read here for more information on iThmb format). Index file can be identified by the name:

  • ArtworkDB for the Artwork folder on your iPod, iPad or iPhone
  • Photo Database or Photos.sqlite for Photos folder on your iPod, iPad or iPhone
  • Photo Database for iPod photo cache folder in your computer.

This file contains image metadata i.e. date of creation and modification, size etc. If the index file is lost or damaged iThmb Converter can still attempt to decode and display iThmb images using the Constructor mode to improve the decoding method. Constructor mode allows you to select the most suitable variant of decoding a specific iThmb image in case of conversion error or incorrect result:

1. Select iThmb image for the manual decoding in the center panel:

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2. Choose Constructor mode from the Tools menu or press Ctrl+M.

3. The variants of decoding the first image from the current iThmb collection are displayed in the right panel:

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4. Choose the most suitable one and select it for conversion:

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5. To navigate between the images in the collection, use the Next and Previous buttons below. The right panel displays decoding variants for the current image. The Next button is accessible only after selecting the decoding variant for the current image.

6. Click Finish in order to quit the Constructor mode and view the selected variants of decoding in the right panel. When the last image in the iThmb collection is reached, the work of Constructor mode is finished automatically:

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7. Once you change the focus of selection in the left or center panel, iThmb Converter automatically returns to the default image view and conversion method.