Quick start

Using iPod, iPad, or iPhone for creating and storing your precious photo collections can sometimes result in a major problem. Unfortunately, the iThmb photo collection format used by the iDevice is not recognized by PC or Windows-driven laptop. So what to do in order to convert, copy or view the photo images from your iDevice in your PC or laptop? iThmb Converter is a unique conversion tool providing you with numerous easy-to-use handy options to view, convert and recover the photo images from their iDevice into the common image formats.

With iThmb Converter, converting files from iThmb format to JPEG, PNG or BMP is now a simple task done within just a few mouse clicks. But you can employ iThmb Converter in many more ways:

  • explore or share your converted images
  • search for an image with a specific name and date which are carefully preserved
  • create reports
  • auto crop the unnecessary side borders
  • and even restore the damaged or lost iThmb files!

For your convenience, iThmb Converter works with files stored in an automatically created local cache folder as well as in iPod, iPad or iPhone. All you need to do is just open iDevice connected to your computer in the left panel of iThmb Converter. In case of the local cache folder iThmb Converter finds it automatically.

This chapter provides you with an installation and registration guide as well as a step-by-step description of basic iThmb Converter operations.